Unless you were taken captive by The Ten Rings and held in a cave in Afghanistan (that is an Iron Man reference for those lacking pop-culture knowledge), you know that this nation has been in the midst of a fierce debate over gun control for many years. You will hear a lot of people say that guns cause death. This is not true, nor will it ever be true. In fact, it is just the opposite of the truth.

98% of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. 30% wouldn’t prove anything, 50% could be a coincidence, but 98% shows a HUGE trend. Gun free zones do not make people safer. According to the CDC, “gun restrictions [have] no net impact on major violence and crime,” and the same report also describes a gun used for self-defense as an “important crime deterrent.” Ask Britain. After their gun ban took effect, violent crime rose for five straight years, until they built up their police force.

But these facts seem lost on proponents of gun control. Why? Because they read articles that claim that Australia’s gun buyback reduced violent crime in the country. The one problem with that, it isn't true. Gun buyback programs don’t work. There was already a clear downward trend in Australia’s violent crime prior to the ban. The fact is, assaults, non-violent crime, and worst of all, the number of rapes in Australia all skyrocketed after the ban. They are among the highest rates in the Western world.

Even if you disregard all of these facts, there is still one important thing remaining. The Bill of Rights. The whole purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect individual liberties from the government. The Bill of Rights were set aside by the Framers as rights that were not provided by the government, but as rights that every person is born with. The government does not give you the right to free speech. The government does not give you the freedom to worship and believe as you please. The government does not give you the right to defend yourself. You were born with these rights, given to you by God. If the government does not provide these rights, then they have no right to limit these rights. That is the only gun control argument that really matters.

NOTE: There is no such thing as an “assault rifle,” If you ever hear someone call for a ban on “assault rifles,” ask them what classifies as an assault rifle. If they say an AR, tell them what AR actually stands for. Armalite Rifle.