Removing the Value of Life in Modern Society

July 9th, 2018

Jacob Towers

The culture of westernized nations has changed significantly in the past few decades. This has brought mostly positive change, but any kind of change brings with it negative effects. The removal and almost ostracization of religion in our society - especially Christianity - has brought on an unforeseen and still almost unnoticed consequence. People no longer value life.

Before this change in our society, suicide bombers, mass-shooters, and terrorists were not nearly as prevalent. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I believe the underlying cause is that people valued their life enough that they did not want to see the inside of a prison, and they did not want to die. People were religious. They saw that they had a purpose in life, as given to them by a higher power.

Today, people simply are not nearly as religious as they once were. There are a lot of problems with this, but the biggest one is that without a simple belief in God or a higher power, there is no reason to believe life has meaning. The simple belief that you were put on this Earth by a higher power, and there is a plan and a purpose to your life is extremely important. Even if you have nothing more than a simple grasp on this belief, suicide, murder, and other crimes are completely off the table for you. There is no law of science or nature that tells us that every life has a specific meaning or purpose. Only God instills that kind of purpose in one’s life. This is why our country is in the midst of a suicide, terror, and murder epidemic.

Two decades ago, it was commonplace for a police officer to carry a gun on a plane. Today, that is unthinkable. What if a good guy isn’t really a good guy and he turns his gun on the passengers? That is a legitimate concern today, because the value for life in our culture has waned significantly. Without God, there would be nothing determining what is moral and what isn’t. You can not have legitimate morals without a belief in God. There is nothing but your own mind telling you that killing or hurting another human, stealing or any other crime is immoral, besides our justice system, which was founded by Christian men who instilled the morality of the Bible into our society.

The fact is, our society as a whole is founded on Christian beliefs. You can not have faith in our society’s structure if you do not have faith in the Bible it was founded on.